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Indian Slate
Indian Slate stone is a naturally occurring fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous, metamorphic rock. It is a shale type sedimentary rock comprising clay or volcanic ash. Foliation is observed in slate. When slate is cut and made smooth it could be a perfect constructional component. It could serve as the best kitchen or any other vanity countertop. But in order to be used for specific purposes, the slate stone has to expertly cut and polished in a quarry. Slate can be slit into two parts without making the rock lose its original nature. Slate occurs in variety of shades- from light to very dark sheets of grey.

Indian Slate are most preferred for roofing for its thin nature. Some other benefits of slate are its very low absorption rates of water. This can keep the building warm even during conditions like heavy snow, rain, fog etc. The minimal moisture retaining ability of the rock makes the stone very suitable for construction purposes. Indian slate is used as kitchen or any other vanity countertop especially for its low water absorption quality also slate is heat resistant. It is an excellent and believable truth that Indian slate is anti-bacterial, all these combine to make slate the most preferred kitchen or any other domestic countertop.

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